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yarnme.com.ng Yarnme is a social utility It might be more accurate to say a decorating, or public art movement, began to take off, because the architecture style in question began in the 1920s, long before Kádár’s time. It followed the principles of Communist urban planning: city blocks filled with square, economical row houses. They were designed for efficiency, meaning every house was the same, and every house was boring. That didn’t last forever. In Hungarian Cubes, Roters documents those countryside row houses during Kádár’s reign, after residents started freewheeling with colors and shapes to make it so no two houses looked like. Roters noticed the painted ’Magyar Kocka’, or Hungarian Cube, houses in 2003 after moving from Germany to a small Hungarian town. Some of the homes have trompe l’oeil paintings around the window, like facsimiles of shutters or trimming. Others look like abstracted images of sun rays, or harvested crops. nigerian discussion forum. ’The test was used to determine if certain types of bacteria were present on various space station surfaces,’ said Norman Wainwright, the facility’s director of Research and Development. Further, the system could ’help perform biological studies necessary for an extended human presence in space, from crew health and spacecraft environmental studies to the search for life elsewhere in the solar system.’