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affiliateshot.com Adwords Keyword Strategies. Affiliate marketing is a marketing technique whereby a merchant/advertiser rewards an affiliate/publisher for every sale/conversion came through the efforts made by the affiliate. Offers an affiliate can/to supplement the profits by making advertising a product/service plus site which owns. The revenue split with the affiliate who receives a Commission for generating sales. For a full transparency of the process of affiliation exist specialized networks that mediates the process of affiliate and affiliate payment. A merchant/advertiser has the possibility through the affiliate program to reach certain sources of conversions that normally would not be possible to access them as well as links and free exposure. An affiliate program works when the affiliate promotes a product LIKE his audience, a product which is related to the niche in which it operates an affiliate. What is the advantage for affiliate? Profit-if you succeed to convert a visitor into a sale. That’s why affiliate marketing is the one who makes the product, he must choose the best positioning on the page where you submit a banner or an advertisement, the yin to choose the best words when describing a product promoted Finding High Paying Adsense Keywords. It will overwhelm an affiliate to sell a product/service and process will end. Support, updates, problems will be transparent, it will be just an affiliate that will not interfere in anything other than the process of purchase.